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Budget and eco-friendly way to improve your home : move furniture around

27 May 2023
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A simple solution for sprucing up your home : move furniture around

You have grand design home renovations dreams but can't yet afford? Why not live in the here and now and start improving your home today. There is so much instant home enjoyment you can create with a modest budget and simple furniture improvements.

Budget friendly and eco-friendly move

Save money instead of renovating and move your furniture around! Not only is it cheaper than renovating, but it’s also eco-friendly. Moving furniture in different ways or from different rooms can give your space a whole new look while making use of what you already have.

Rearranging items you already own means you don’t need to buy anything new, reducing waste and helping the environment. Nowadays, anyone can easily sell furniture and find second hand gems online. Take your measures and get swapping!

Decluttering and simplifying your life

Regularly moving things around is beneficial from a practical standpoint. You have the opportunity to improve functionality, which basically means to align how you use your home with your lifestyle and life goals. You also get to clean and declutter those drawers you've been filling with things you may one day need ...

There is so much value in ensuring your home serves you. Moving furniture around gives you full control of how best to utilise any given area and will help maximise the laying out of available spaces.

Your functional needs change with the seasons too. You can adapt and transform space so they serve cold winters and bright summers. Just like you store coats away in the warmer months, you can provide better access to a door that is used more frequently during ski season and get that thermal curtain up on the double pole you fitted.

Increased sense of wellbeing

There is a great sense of satisfaction associated with moving furniture around and reorganising your home. Reorganising can help bring new energy into an area, while creating a calming environment with the perfect layout. It allows you to create harmony among all the items in the space, resulting in improved focus and productivity as well as general feelings of wellbeing.

Designing the space yourself gives you an opportunity to get creative and develop the very rewarding skill of spatial awareness. It’s a great way to express and discover who you are as well as the possibilities of what can be done within your space. You don't have to be a super up cycling or furniture refurbishment skills: a change or room or a lick of paint does wonders.

Ready to host

Are you afraid to entertain because of the state of your home? Moving furniture around is a great to make you feel house proud and ready to host guests. You can create an inviting atmosphere, allowing your guests to mingle and socialise with ease. Putting some thoughts into this is a powerful way to transform party experience. Do you want guest to feel calm and cocooned (use cushions and soft fabrics) or would you rather they stand and dance (get chairs out of the way). Are there children coming that might try to climb that plant (...)?

You really don't have to wait until you have the money to renovate to make improvements for you to live the life you want now. Making small financial investments and taking the time to upgrade your furniture will bring you lots of enjoyment.

Change your mindset

Here is an unpopular opinion: there is no need to refrain from buying that extending dinning table or that work desk that perfectly fits your space, simply because you don't know yet how and when you'll renovate (but you will!). I say : take care of yourself and your home now. The future will have its own solutions and fun furniture rearrangement opportunities!

Happy to help

The Place Between supports home renovators to experience enjoyable and sustainable renovations. We often get enquiries from clients who wonder they can afford their project. If you would like some budget advice on what you can achieve in your home on a budget, get in touch or book a consultation {here}.

"No one is more determined that a woman rearranging furniture by herself." (exact source unknown - amongst popular meaningful phrases repeatedly found on the web)