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5 tips to successfully instruct home decorators

28 April 2024
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The decorators' Code: 5 Keys to Successful Collaboration

When looking to hire a decorator, there are lots of simple things you can do to ensure a successful collaboration:

1. Clearly communicate:

  • Express your vision, preferences, and any specific requirements clearly. Discuss finish expectations, such as whether you want full prep or half prep. This includes sanding, filling holes, and prepping surfaces accordingly.
  • Have a transparent discussion about your budget and payment terms. Decorating budgets can vary greatly, so it's crucial to be upfront about your financial parameters.
  • Provide access to the property and accommodate scheduling needs to avoid delays, especially if there are children or other factors that could affect the decorator's work.

2. Be decisive and make own interior design choices:

Timely decision-making is key to keeping the project on schedule. Remember that decorators are not typically interior designers. Take ownership of your aesthetic preferences and don't expect the decorator to make design choices for you. Renovators who are decisive and prompt in their responses, particularly when selecting materials or approving design choices, tend to have a smoother and more enjoyable renovation experience.

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3. Clear the space and earmark their turn in the renovation schedule

Furniture or construction materials should be taken out of the the space, unless you have agreed otherwise with the decorator. This could influence the quoted fee, or worse, cause the decorator to say they can't do the work. Decorators are highly aware of the need to have a clean an clear space and will usually have that conversation with you when quoting for the job. If they are coming to work after a sequence of other tradespeople within a larger home improvement project, ensure there is plenty of time to prepare the space for decoration and that their time to work is protected (i.e. no other trades working when they are decorating).

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4. Trust your decorator and show appreciation

Trust is essential in any collaboration. Once you've done your due diligence and selected a decorator you trust, respect their experience and allow them the creative freedom to execute the project effectively. Be flexible, open-minded, and appreciative of the effort put into each project, to create a positive working environment .

5. Pay promptly

In the renovation sector, final invoices are often due as soon as they are issued. This is true for decorating jobs. Large decorating companies might plan for longer payment terms in their contract, but sole traders usually rely on being paid on the day of completion. Being mindful of this and paying promptly is your responsibility.

Enjoy renovating and transforming your space into your bespoke home!

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