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10 questions to ask when hiring a renovations consultant

17 March 2023
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We have all heard nightmare stories about home renovations. The main and most serious problems that occur relate to challenging life disruptions, hidden structural issues, and dispute with building contractors over scope, timings and budget. A renovation consultant can help you spot and prevent these issues as they guide, support and advise you through the entire process, from conception to completion.

Yet there is more: aside from professional design and project management skills, a renovations consultant can coach you through the planned transitions and often unforeseen challenging life circumstances brought up by your project. Renovating your home involves rethinking and sharing information about your personal space. Working with a consultant over a period of time to transform your home will require that you feel comfortable with them. It is important that they understand your vision and goals, as well as how you want to live in the space after it has been renovated.

Make sure you meet the consultant and interview them to discuss the aspects that matter to you most. Here are some questions you can ask that will determine if the consultant is the right fit and will indeed provide added value to your project.

1. How experienced are you in the renovation field?

2. How can you coach me to make informed choices and decisions during the project?

3. How will you support us through negotiation with building contractors?

4. What strategies do you have for managing scope, budget and timeline of the project?

5. Do you have a portfolio of projects undertaken that I can view and assess results achieved?

6. What other services do you provide to help plan our renovations well?

7. Will there be regular check-ins throughout the duration of the project?

8. Are there any additional fees or charges associated with your service outside what has been agreed upfront?

9. Is there a minimum contract period?

10. What are your terms and conditions of the services you provide?

Asking these important questions is a good first step in selecting the right professional to help guide you throughout the project. Hiring a renovation consultant can make all the difference between a nightmare home renovation experience and a successful one. You need to feel confident that they will work to ensure that your vision is achieved while keeping you informed at every step of the process. This is how they will add value, save you time, energy and money. In other words, what makes them worth their weight in gold!

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